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$450 for your 3 month training

Options for full amount or $165/month

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Your path to Self-Empowerment begins Today!

Have you been feeling frustrated, low energy, lacking confidence, or unfulfilled in your relationships at home or work? 

Are you ready to unlock your feminine power and ignite your creative flow, purpose and passion in your life? 

If your answer is “Yes” it’s your time to heal, overcome limiting patterns and take your power back! Learn how you can transform negative emotions into confidence, compassion, love and purpose!

Unlock Your True Potential To Heal And Empower

Our 3-month Warrior Goddess program combines spiritual techniques from various cultures to support you in healing, awakening your inner Goddess and igniting your Warrior to launch you into purpose and passion. This step-by-step program supports you in embodying your authentic power and happiness. Each month provides a significant healing step that propels you to your empowerment and true expression.

Every month you will receive:

  • Two Feminine Power coaching calls
  • Weekly videos and online teachings
  • A private website page with recordings of all classes
  • Private FB page to share and connect with the group

Practices to heal and support the feminine spirit have been used since ancient times. Karen’s unique training and experience over the last 35 years provides you with unique methods to alchemize past trauma and develop your feminine knowing and wisdom.

Each Month The Training Utilizes A Variety Of Techniques

  • Guided meditation, visualization and mindfulness methods
  • Kundalini breathing and yoga practices
  • Mantra/affirmation/prayer/ritual
  • Acu-touch therapy and energy medicine
  • Ayurveda self-care and healing techniques

Awaken Your Warrior Goddess Program Includes:

Month One Training: Heal and Renew

Purify and transform negative emotions and heal your feminine spirit.

  • Purify old patterns and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Cleanse programs lodged in your DNA carried by your ancestors.
  • Renew your body, balance hormones and endocrine system, and revitalize your organs. (You will work on your symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, digestion,etc.)
  • Embrace where you are in your life cycle as a woman.
  • Protect yourself from unwanted negative energy from your outside environment.
  • Create boundaries to feel safe.
  • Strengthen your auric field and electro-magnetic field.
  • Transform anger, fear, guilt and other negative emotions.

Month Two Training: Awaken Your Feminine Power

Open your divine feminine channel and unlock your triggers.

  • Purify your heart and open the channel to your feminine nature.
  • Return to self-love, self-care and creative flow.
  • Reclaim your divine feminine intuition and inner knowing.
  • Activate your inner strength and courage.
  • Purify attachments and triggers that pull you into drama.
  • Learn how to “feel” and be empathetic but not take on someone else’s energy.
  • Purify past trauma getting in the way of your present life.
  • Balance emotions and anchor to your True self.  

Month Three Training: Embody, Empower and Express

Own your divine power and purpose.

  • Open your divine masculine channel, and balance your feminine and masculine energies.
  • Take charge and change your mindset and language to create a new reality.
  • Fuel your passion and creativity, and unfold your life purpose.
  • Transform powerlessness into confidence, trust and compassion.
  • Love yourself through your challenges.
  • Release your judgments and projections of self and others.
  • Use your inner power to remain centered and peaceful.
  • Draw in relationships that resonant and are compatible with you, to create positive, purposeful outcomes.  

What makes the Warrior Goddess divinely unique in the world is how she lives from presence and her authentic, creative power instead of the worldly masculine model. In her peaceful power she can make powerful changes in the workplace, in the world and at home!

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Just one hour a week and two coaching calls a month will lead you to your passions and purpose!

$450 for your 3 month training

Options for full amount or $165/month

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Join our community with other creative, conscious women who are ready to empower and make a difference in the world!

“Karen, I love what I see in the mirror now! My eyes are so much brighter!!! I can see happiness. They were so dull and my face looked so stressed to me. I can’t thank you enough!” ~Trina L  

“This program has been life changing! I knew this would be a very powerful and important crossroad in my life. I definitely feel changed, I can feel my inner power! I have confidence, trust, energy.....and I'm waking up from a very deep sleep!” ~Barbara B  

Your divine feminine is waiting for you to awaken her inner purpose and passion! Bring her alive by loving and nurturing her, and renewing her vitality and creativity. Learn the inner tools you need to claim your feminine power to be the very best in everything you give to your family, friends, and to the world! 

Karen Korona, M.S.

Karen Korona, M.S. has been a Holistic Health Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher for 35 years providing private healing sessions, workshops and retreats worldwide. Her passion in Women's Health and Wellness has lead her to assist thousands of women in their personal healing and spiritual journey, to embody vibrant health, loving presence, joy and purpose. Karen has trained with Master teachers and physicians in Holistic Healing, Ayurveda, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, and Homeopathy.